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Woodmaster Plus AFS 900 & Woodmaster Plus AFS 1100

Wood Master of Canada
The WoodMaster Plus 900 furnace and WoodMaster Plus AFS 1100 are built to heat multiple buildings, including a home, garage or workshop, pool, spa, greenhouse or commercial structure.


Woodmaster PlusExperience the Benefits of Heating With a
Grain Burning Hydronic Heating System

  • Provides More Even Heat. Distributes heat evenly through nine water tubes located at the top of the furnace to improve efficiency and added comfort in the home.
  • Clean Start Technology. Modulates fuels for optimum start-up and increased efficiency with no idle time.
  • On Demand Technology. Exclusive operating system adjusts based on individual heat demands and stops burning fuel when the desired temperature is achieved
  • Stays Cleaner. No dead spots. Fuel-stirring auger eliminates the problematic build-up of clinkers, a by-product of burning corn found in other corn-burning stoves that clog burn chamber airholes if not cleaned out daily. The automatic ash auger cleans out ashes when new fuel is loaded.
  • Burns Less Fuel. Efficient design maximizes BTUs delivered to the heating system.

Promotes self-sufficiency:

  • Reduces or eliminates the high costs associated with buying traditional fuel by using corn, barley, soybeans, wood pellets or other fuel grain


  • Furnace pays for itself in fuel savings
  • Oversized door for ease of maintenance
  • Warranty ensures ongoing performance
  • Homeowner’s liability insurance may be lower in some regions because furnace is outdoors


  • UL test design underway in the U.S. and Canada
  • Non-pressurized system eliminates explosion concerns
  • No dangerous external hot spots. Snow remains on the roof while it is burning
  • Power is automatically turned off if maintenance door is opened

Variety of Choices:

  • Heat one or multiple buildings, hot water, radiant floor heat, pool, sauna, spa, driveway
  • Heat water for domestic use
  • Grain drying capability
  • Range of colors to match the home’s exterior


Convert grain into heat

Grain Energy provides an environmentally friendly heat source that can be more quickly replenished, compared to petroleum and other fossil fuels.

Both sizes of freestanding, easy-to-operate WoodMaster Plus furnaces work with most existing heat systems including hot water, forced air, hydronic heat, radiant baseboard, existing water-to-water and floor heat. A WoodMaster Plus furnace serves as a primary heat source, or in conjunction with existing systems, to warm homes of all sizes, garages, workshops, pools, whirlpools, spa areas and other spaces, plus domestic use hot water systems.

Features and Benefits

The WoodMaster Plus affordably converts small grains, corn or wood pellets into comfortable warmth while generating natural, efficient, economical, safe heat.

WoodMaster Plus furnaces are:


WoodMaster Plus furnace users have cut their heating costs by half in one winter, and most owners say the unit pays for itself within three or four years. Owners also appreciate controlling their own heating costs.


The AFS heating units can be installed with large bins allowing the convenience and ease of large capacity storage for minimal fuel fill requirements during the heating season, or smaller bins for installation that will blend with the décor of the surroundings.


No fuels enter the house, eliminating fire hazards, the mess of smoke, indoor soot and reducing the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. Many WoodMaster Plus furnace owners qualify for reduced rates on their homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Design features for owner benefits:

  • Fan induced draft allows faster temperature recovery in the water jacket.
  • Smart heat baffle reduces exhaust from escaping out of the fuel door in the open position and minimizes heat loss through chimney and stack temperatures up to 53 percent in the closed position.
  • Over fire air injection improves internal air movement, efficiency and helps burn off secondary gases.
  • Thick R38 fiberglass insulation provides non-flammable, secure wrap around the water jacket.
  • Free-standing furnace eliminates the need for a concrete slab; provides year-round installation option. Built in-legs are ergonomically designed for easier furnace loading and cleaning.
  • Large doors - front fuel door loads and cleans easier and stays cool to the touch through a built-in baffle that also pre-heats air for fire; large rear access door provides easy access for plumbing, multiple hookups and scheduled maintenance.
  • Ash auger eliminates the need to shovel ash and hot coals from the furnace and optimizes performance with an air scoop built into the grate that diverts air under the fire, enhancing the “over fire air injection”. (Not available on AFS 900.)

How it Works

How it Works

Each WoodMaster Plus furnace is installed outdoors, from 25–400 feet from the home or structure(s) that it will heat.
(Please check with local/regional insurance regulations)
A core fire box is surrounded by a water jacket. The fire warms water to its optimal heating temperature, maintained by automatic controls. The warmed water moves through insulated underground piping into the home’s heat exchangers and heating system. Inside, you control the temperature with your thermostat.

ETC System

Etc System

The digital accuracy and energy saving features of the Electronic Temperature Control system were firsts in the industry and come standard with every WoodMaster Plus furnace.

Benefits include:

  • Low temperature shut off
  • One convenient center for operating the temperature settings, blower, reset, water level indicator and nightlight
  • Easy-to-read digital display


The key to operating your WoodMaster Plus furnace most efficiently is maintenance. In addition to an annual check-up, just as other heating systems require, your owner’s manual will detail ongoing and seasonal tips and maintenance checklists specific to outdoor furnaces, which include:

  • Check and fill the hopper /bin as needed -The 1100 and 900 may be used with a small hopper that hold approximately 5 bushels or with larger capacity bins.
  • Inspect burning chamber for optimal burn - free air holes if necessary
  • Check and empty ash pan as necessary- will vary with type and quality of grain
  • Clean heat exchanger tubes

Color Options

The WoodMaster Plus is aesthetically pleasing, and available by the manufacturer in six standard colors and eleven custom colors. Please contact us about custom colors.

* Standard colors normally stocked at Prairie Fire are black, green, brown and charcoal

Colorways Standard Colors:

White Grecian Green Dove Gray Evening Gray Northwood Autumn Brown
White Grecian Green Dove Gray Evening Gray Northwood Autumn Brown


Cost Saving Chart

Control your heating costs

WoodMaster Plus furnace users have cut their heating costs by half in one winter, and most owners say the unit pays for itself within three or four years. Owners also appreciate controlling their own heating costs.

Click here to view chart

Product Specifications


The WoodMaster Plus Specifications:

Model #

AFS 1100

AFS 900


34"x 32"

23.5" x 24"

Door Size

20"x 21"

16" x 16"


1/4" steel fire drum and water jacket

3/16" steel fire drum and water jacket

Draft Control



Overall Size

5' wide x 6' deep x 6.8' tall (including the chimney)

3.75' wide x 4.33' deep x 5.8' tall (including the chimney)

Heat Range

Up to 200,000 BTU output

Up to 100,000 BTU output

Types of Fuel

Barley, wheat, corn, wood pellets and other alternate fuels

Barley, wheat, corn, wood pellets and other alternate fuels


Automated on a timer; fuel fed through a hopper

Automated on a timer; fuel fed through a hopper with a self-igniter


1800 lbs.

1,130 pounds

Temperature Control

Digital Electronic temperature control

Digital Electronic temperature control

Water Capacity

120 gallons

60 gallons

Color Options

Variety of colors available to coordinate with existing buildings

Variety of colors available to coordinate with existing buildings




Frequently Asked Questions

Which model best fits my needs?

This depends on the size and type of space(s) you need to heat and what type of "fuel grain" you will use for your furnace. Check out models for more detailed information, or contact us for specific prices.

How long will my WoodMaster Plus furnace last?

With proper maintenance, your WoodMaster Plus furnace will heat your home comfortably and should last for approximately 20 years. 

What colors are available?

The WoodMaster Plus is aesthetically pleasing, and available in six standard and 11 custom colors to complement your home and other existing structures and surroundings. (see color table above)

What sizes are available?

The two WoodMaster Plus models that are available range from 1,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. of heating area. 

Tell me about installation.

Installing your WoodMaster Plus furnace is simpler than you may imagine. It comes fully assembled, and our installation manual guides you through the installation process. Plan to install your WoodMaster Plus furnace near your fuel source storage for convenience and safety. The WoodMaster comes ready for set up, completely wired and plumbed.  The durable water lines are buried 18-24 inches underground and can be cut in complete lengths to eliminate any seams.

Can I install a furnace in the winter (above ground)?

By using the proper waterline insulation, offered by your local dealer, you can install the WoodMaster Plus furnace in the winter despite frozen or snow-covered ground. You'll then bury the lines in the spring or summer for ongoing use.
It is very important to install the furnace on a flat, level surface (including the side hopper) to ensure proper feeding of the fuels from the side hopper to the furnace.

Can I install a furnace if I live in town?

Major cities are not a good place for alternative fuel furnaces, since access to space is limited. Yet homes in smaller, rural towns and most suburbs are good candidates for the WoodMaster Plus furnace. Consider the height of the stack and always remember to comply with all provincial and local codes.

How often will I need to fill the furnace?

Your home, space demands and the type of fuel you use in your WoodMaster Plus furnace will dictate your fill frequency. 

How often do I need to clean out the ashes?

Ash removal is made easier with the WoodMaster Plus' user-friendly design that cleans out with ease.  It is important to clean out your flue tubes on a weekly basis, keeping the furnace heat transfer area working efficiently.  The ash pan will be emptied as needed, depending on heat load and fuel grain being used.  The AFS 900 fire box should be cleaned every two weeks and may vary with heating requirements and grain fuel being used. At the end of the heating season, it is very important to clean out all ash from the heat transfer area and also the fire box.  Cover the chimney to keep moisture from entering into these areas.  Moisture mixed with ash can result in damage to the furnace.

Is the WoodMaster Plus pressurized or non-pressurized?

The WoodMaster Plus furnace is non-pressurized, and is sometimes referred to as atmospheric vented or open system.

Can I connect the WoodMaster Plus to a forced air heating system?

In fact, the majority of installations are connected to existing forced air heating systems. A water to air heat exchanger is inserted in the existing plenum of the furnace.  In most cases the heat exchanger is placed in a horizontal position, keeping all four sides level.  The air must be forced through the finned area of the heat exchanger evenly.  If the plenum is too large or too small, it must be altered to fit the heat exchanger properly.

Can I use the WoodMaster Plus with baseboard electric heat?

Your best choice is to install a radiant floor heat system, such as HeatLink.

Can I connect the WoodMaster Plus to a pressurized heating system?

The WoodMaster Plus furnace can be easily installed to a pressurized heating system through a water-to-water heat exchanger that transfers heat between systems.

Can the WoodMaster Plus heat my pool and/or spa?

Many WoodMaster Plus owners use their furnace to heat a pool and/or spa.

Can the WoodMaster Plus heat multiple buildings?

Many WoodMaster Plus owners use their furnace to heat multiple buildings from one location.

Is the WoodMaster Plus safe for me, my family and neighbors?

The WoodMaster Plus furnace offers incomparable safety. No fuels enter the house, eliminating fire hazards, the mess of smoke, indoor soot and reducing the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide buildup.  Each unit leaves the factory in showroom condition, backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

What about emissions?

Some agencies have put into place requirements on outdoor wood-fired furnaces.  WoodMaster Plus furnaces should not fall into this requirement.  WoodMaster Plus furnaces are very clean burning with minimal emissions.
Please check with your provincial or local officials on requirements for corn/pellet fueled furnaces.

Are the controls complicated?

You continue to control your heat from the thermostat in your home. The WoodMaster Plus furnace features well-designed, easy-to-read and use water level indicators, temperature gauges, outside lights and high-limit temperature cut-off switches. They are readily accessible and yet protected from outdoor elements. All electrical connections are also accessible.

What is the best way to burn the fuel in a WoodMaster Plus furnace?

By adding an additional storage bin that self feeds to the side hopper, you can control how often you have delivery of your fuel.

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* Prairie Fire Grain Energy Inc. is a certified WoodMaster dealer.
* Information was obtained with permission from Northwest Manufacturing Inc.



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