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WoodMaster Plus AFS 900

"I really like my AFS 900.  It is the cheapest and most convenient source of heat. (And don't forget environmentally friendly!)" - Porcupine Plain, SK

 "We purchased a Woodmaster 900 grain-burning furnace from Prairie Fire Grain Burning Stoves in Bruno, SK, in November, 2006.  We have been burning fall rye for the last two winters.  We are very satisfied with its performance and would recommend it to anyone who is considering grain as an alternative heat source.  We were burning wood/oil combination and we have found that burning grain is more efficient, cleaner, requires little maintenance, and a lot cheaper to operate.  Within two years, we have saved thousands of dollars in our energy costs. The cost of our furnace will be paid within 3 years.  We also heat our water with this system and with the rise in our fuel and power prices, this system is very affordable." - Kelvington, SK

WoodMaster Plus AFS 1100

"I like the idea of growing our own fuel and also the way that we can find a souce of grain of less value even with today's high prices. We are heating over 8000 square feet: a 54' x 100' shop and our 3600 square foot house. We are getting a lot of heat out of the grain burning system we have." - Edam, SK

Prairie Fire PFG 060

"Our grain stove is great for the cold winter months. I like the comfort of the heat of the Prairie Fire stove. It really gives you a comfy, warm feeling… We are burning poor quality wheat which is saving us money on our energy costs."
- Paddockwood, SK

"I was using 100 gallons plus per month of fuel to heat my house. With the grain burning stove, it is now down to 25 gallons or less. I purchased my grain burning stove in October 2007 and it will pay for itself by next fall with the savings." - Assiniboia, SK

"I like the look of the stove, and the heat of the stove. You can fill it up, let it go for a long time and not worry about it." - Big River, SK

"We purchased our grain burning stove in fall of 2007. We use it every day and are very happy with it. We found Delmer and Janet very helpful when we were researching for an additional heat source for our house. We especially enjoy sitting in front of our stove, relaxing there in the morning or in the evening and watching the flames through the window. We felt this was a very nice alternative to having to cut and haul large volumes of wood. We are burning about 5 gallons of wheat per day and get one gallon of ashes per week. We feel this stove is well designed and has nice features:

- Room air fan

- Combustion fan that draws outside air in

- Safety shut down features that are well thought out" - Dalmeny, SK

"We only have good things to report. We used it about 6 months so far. Our house is 1080 sq. ft. with both upstairs and downstairs heated… It will heat the house on it's own with an outside temp of about -30 Degrees Celsius. Colder temps will need a little help from our other heating unit… We remove the clinker twice per day and clean the unit once per week. We are very happy with the unit." - Battleford, SK

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